Current Project

365 Stormtroopers

This is what I’ve been up to. I probably won’t go back to writing for a while, so I started this side project to keep me occupied. See you in a year my lovelies.

*evil laugh*

Three things on the agenda for this holiday that have sidetracked my Stormtrooper project.

1) Figuring out how to install Windows 7 on a Mac. Instructions!
2) Actually installing Windows 7
3) Fable 3


Now, let’s go onto the Fable 3 part of this post.

Following the absolute good route in this game is made to be tedious. Especially where money is concerned. After receiving the crown, decisions regarding the well-being of the people and the future of the country are integrated into each choice your character can make. For example:

A) Help a developing country become self-sustaining or B) abandon it to die to “Darkness Incarnate”.

The former would drain your already joke of a treasury into the negative and the latter would leave you with mountains of gold.

I disregarded (females) the impact the “good” choice would have on the treasury and allowed it to go into the negative. Then I acquired currency.

How to succeed at Fable 3


By becoming a level 5 pie maker. And so my radio show’s name will now be “Level 5 Lemon Pie.” (or something of that sort)

Oh and I saved the world with the money from making pies.

Island ideas

Magnetic field determined by hair.

Pastry vs. Cookies

Cheeto Vikings

Plate Tectonics

Geriatric Cedar Trees

Uncouth Vermouth

High Tide Apothecary


Candy Soldiers

Desert Dessert (the sand is sugar and all sugar is sand)

Floating Paradise/Sunk Paradise

Thanksgiving Break Activities.

[x] not do any school work at all.

[x] Beat Mass Effect 2 once.

[ ] Beat Mass Effect 2 twice.

[ ] Obtain Fable 3

[x] Start reading stuff, like Dune.

[ ] do that photography project


Mass Effect 2 is epic. I’ll go back to playing now.

Bear in Heaven: BRFM Semi-Review

Just some notes while I listen to this album. Honestly, I would say stick to the original version of the album. I like BiH, but I’m not that big a fan of remixes. Especially from several different artists. With this many artists working on individual songs on the album, there will of course be a lack of continuity and cements the possibility of  mediocrity of the overall work.

I’m not saying the album or the remixers are bad per se, rather that the album simply did not need to be remixed.

Those are my two cents.

I see rabbits in the distance.

SOTD: 25

From their new album, Isolation.

The Brother Kite – Searching for the Light


This is tentative for now since I haven’t really been posting and my mind isn’t in “writing” mode right now.


Who: Me

What: A dream. Oddly vivid at some points in its occurrence.

Where: A half flooded town tipped on its side. Foggy and lonely. Seemed apocalyptic to me at the time.

When: A few days ago

Why?: Why not.

Somethings that I do remember:

“Waking up” on a cold, wooden floor that seemed musty/moldy. The surface I slept on was tilted downwards, my feet facing gravity’s downward force. Look out window. I see muddy ground. Jump out of this window. Turn to see house is old and rotting. Turn back away from the house. Flooded water front. Can’t see more than 100 feet due to fog. Boat floats toward me listlessly. A gun, machete, ammo, grenades, clothes, food, and a rather hefty shotgun are on board. No people. I take these into what I assume to be my “home”. I hear screams off in the distance but give them no mind. Subconsciously, my dream self lightly taps a wire fence and barricade with his foot. I turn to the right of the house, off to a narrow path that lies between two waterfronts that leads into the foggy distance. I hear laughter. For some reason, I remember that my other cohabitants went to a “show” of some sort.

This is all I remember.